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There has been a lot of discussion among the prophetical scholars of our day as to the present set of blood moons (see chart here) that are occurring in the years 2014 through 2015. I have not seen any discussion on the correlation of the Hebrew Feast Days and the occurrence of solar eclipses. While the Blood Moon Tetrads deal only with a total lunar eclipse, I am looking for a pattern of any Solar Eclipse no matter if it is total or not. The problem can be readily seen if one knows how a Lunar Eclipse occurs on a full moon and how a Solar Eclipse occurs on a new moon. The chart for a blood moon associated with Passover and Tabernacles can be easily determined due to the fact that the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles occurs on a full moon on the 15th day of a Hebrew Month. The Solar Eclipse that occurs on a New Moon only ties directly to the Feast of Rosh Hashanah. Taking into account that you go from a new moon to a full moon in a 15 day time span, I decided to use the 15 day window so to speak to determine if an eclipse is tied to a Feast Day. The date of an eclipse is given over the symbol for the Solar Eclipse. The date outside the eclipse is the date of the associated Feast Day. It did not matter to me if the 15 days from an eclipse occurred before or after the Feast in question. Since the Feast Days of Passover, Unleaven Bread and the Feast Day of First Fruits occur together, only Passover is listed of the three in the above chart.

The Saros Cycle is approximately 18 years and 11 1/4 days. After one Saros cyle after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, a near straight line, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur. The pattern in the Chart above will be similar every 18 years. Similar is the key word in looking at the chart above. If you were to chart the eclipses and the feasts every 18 years you will find similarities between the charts; but, they will not be identical. One reason is that the Hebrew year consists of leap years where an extra month is added after the last month of the Hebrew religious year. This year occurs from the month of Nisan to Adar. The extra month is called Adar II. When there are two Adar months the feast of Purim will occur in the second month of Adar and not the first month of Adar. Purim occurs on the 14th day of Adar or when Adar II occurs on the 14th day of Adar II. By having Adar II placed after the month of Adar and prior to the month of the passover month of Nisan, the leap year months will never add an extra month between Passover and Tabernalces so that Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur and Tabernacles always occur in the seventh month of the Hebrew religious calendar.

The pattern above that resulted had the most interesting results. Looking at the years 2011 - 2013 you have an eclipse tied to Pentecost in all three years. We know from scripture that the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost at the beginning of the Church Age. So in the years prior to the blood moon years of 2014 - 2015 the Church Age is still going on. In the years 2014 and 2015 we also have the pattern of Passover Tabernacles present with the last Eclipse tied to Rosh Hashanah. It should be noted that there is a shift in the alignment of the feasts and the eclipses. In Mar 2015 the eclipse is tied to both the feast of Purim and Passover. Then after the shift we have three straight years of Eclipses tied to Purim. Purim is the Feast that came about during the 70 year Babylonian Captivity. The history of the feast is recorded in the Book of Esther. Basically Haman wanted to destroy all of the Jews and he tries to get rid of the Jews through deception and falsehoods. It is not a far reach then to see a shift from the Church Age to the tribulation period where the Antichrist will form a league with Israel only to later on destroy them. He attempts this through deception as well.

The three eclipses tied to Pentecost three years in a row followed by a shift to three years in a row to the feast of Purim after the Blood Moon Tetrad years is a sign that the Church Age is about to end and the time of the tribulation is at hand. What really stands out next is the Eclipse tied to Tisha B' Av which deals with the destruction of the temple. It also may be pointing out that the time for the abomination of desolation is just ahead. Since we know that the abomination of desolation occurs in the middle of the tribulation it is not surprising to see the Eclipse of July 2018 stand out in the center of the chart all by itself. Again as mentioned this chart is just a pattern or a road sign of what is soon up ahead. I am not setting an exact year for the rapture and the start of the tribulation period.

After the Eclipse in Jul 2018 you have the feast of Tu Bishvat which in Hebrew tradition is the start of a new harvest cycle. That would fit right in as in the tribulation period you will have to endure to the end without taking the mark and possibly being beheaded for your faith to get to heaven. The light orange and the Dark orange colors represent the lesser tribulation of three and one half years followed by three and one half years of the great tribulation with the abomination of desolation being the dividing point.

The three years of Hanukah in a row represents the last half of the seven year tribulation. Just as oil was said to not go out so the Five Wise Virgins of Matthew chapter 25 keep their oil and their lamps lit while the Foolish Virgins lose their oil and go and try to buy some more.

After the pattern in the chart representing the great Tribulation, we then have the double sets of Passover -- Tabernacles for first double set and the second double set of Purim -- Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur. The first double set would represent the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second double set could refer to the post tribulation rapture on or near Yom Kippur. Although the order appears reversed for things that happen as you would have the post tribulation rapture of tribulation saints prior to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we still have the two sets together pointing to the time being close. The two double sets can be reversed as the Post Tribulation raptured Saints all go into the Millennium while not everyone on the earth when the Lord Jesus Christ returns will go into the Millennium. After this we see a change in the Harvest Cycle as shown by two Tu Bishvat eclipses in a row. We then have three years in a row with an eclipse on the Feast of Tish B'av which I believe points to the third temple in the Millennium. Three eclipses in a row on Tish B'av and the third temple matches the pattern found in the above chart.

I am not setting dates but merely showing that not only are the signs of blood moons pointing to the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, one can point to the Solar Eclipses in the chart above and a pattern that matches what will happen with the rapture, the tribulation period, the Second Advent, followed by the 1000 year Millennium.