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The Points and Pitfalls of Calvinism


Calvinism Overview

Calvinism is simply a theological system that is made up of five main points. These main points are total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints. It mainly goes by the name Calvinism after John Calvin (1509 – 1564). It was Calvin who expounded these five points in such a manner as to bring this system of interpretation into the forefront as one of the main theological systems of modern Protestant faiths. One can trace the roots of Calvinism all the way back to Augustine (354 – 430).

The fact that such a system can be traced back so far in Church History gives the Calvinists much to gloat over. For from that one premise comes the idea that it must be true to have been around for so long. Yet one could easily argue that there are many heresies found in the world today that also have been around since the start of Christianity. It is not the age of an idea that makes it true, it is whether or not it is backed by the Bible. Any system that falls short in the Bible must be found wanting and can be discarded as another system by man attempting to take the authority away from the scriptures. When such a system becomes so predominant, it manifests itself into the many pitfalls into which the Christian can stumble. This study guide is written in hopes that the Christian will know many of the pitfalls that await those who religiously follow Calvinism.

Calvinism has five main points that its theological structure goes by. Calvinim is anti-biblical and any Church that falls prey to its teachings almost always lose interest in witnessing and winning souls as they believe everything is predestined already.

After dealing with Calvinists for many years I am giving a simplified description below of these five main points.

Total Depravity -- The concept that man is in such a depraved state he is unable to respond on his own to the saving Gospel as found in the scriptures.

Unconditional Election -- The concept that God has already determined in eternity past which individuals he will save and those he will not save..

Limited Atonement -- The concept that the Lord Jesus Christ only died for those he knew he was going to save and not everyone of the human race.

Irresistible Grace -- The concept that the Holy spirit comes upon an individual and quickens him so that he can respond to the Gospel. The Holy spirit at the same time compels him to get saved in such a manner that he willingly responds. In other words God decides to save the individual without his free will deciding to do so.

Perservance of the Saints -- The Concept that the Saints can not lose their salvation. This is the only one of the five that is biblical, but they base it on the wrong reasons.

These five points are the main thrust of Calvinism, or Sovereign Grace, or Doctrines of Grace, or any name that the tulip system goes by. the fifth point is the one that most Christians agree with whether they are Calvinists or not.